Come on. Let's go to prison. The two of us together will sing like birds in a cage. We will be good to each other. When you ask for my blessing, I'll get down on my knees and ask you to forgive me. That's how we'll live-we'll pray, we'll sing, we'll tell old stories, we'll laugh at pretentious courtiers, we'll listen to nasty court gossip, we'll find out who's losing and who's winning, who's in and who's out. We'll think about the mysteries of the universe as if we were God's spies. In prison we'll outlast hordes of rulers that will come and go as their fortunes change (King Lear, Act Five, Scene Three)


produces TV series / produces fiction films / produces creative documentaries / aims to focus on new ways of storytelling / believes in high-end productions regardless of a projects size / speaks French / speaks English / speaks German / has no territory and can operate from Belgium all over the world.


8 x 55 min TV series by Karim Ainouz / Lupa Film / Argot / Atlantique /supported by ARTE and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

The Sleeping Shepherd

Feature film / writer & director : Frank Hudec / Film Base Berlin / Argot / Greyshack Film / With Michael Pitt, Imogen Poots, Isabelle Huppert, Willem Dafoe

Inspired by the true story of Stéphane Breitwieser who stole over two-billion dollars worth of art only to have his mother throw it all into a canal.

I'll be Waiting for You

Feature film / Original synopsis of Erich von Stroheim and Denise Vernac / in development


10 x 30 min comedy TV Series created by Wiktor Piatkowski and Antoine Desvigne / showrunner Wiktor Piatkowski / co-writer Sarah Shenkel / Argot / Bahama Films / in development